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Our cruise on board the traditional wooden caique “Gorgona” will take you to the deserted islands of one of Europe’s biggest Marine Parks. Established in May 1992 the National Marine Park of Alonnisos N.Sporades is the home of many rare and endangered species, the Monk Seal, the Mediterranean Dolphins and the Falcon Eleonora being some of them.

Cruise with the wooden boat 'Gorgona'

...a unique experience!

We depart from Skopelos Port early in the morning heading to the deserted monastery island of Kyra Panagia, enjoying a quick swim stop at the beach of Aghios Dimitrios and a passing by the Blue Cave where the Eleonoras Falcons criss-crossing the sky.  Through the zone A of the Marine Park, we’ll be reaching to the Monastery of Kyra Panagia dedicated to the birth of Virgin Marry. The monastery itself it’s a branch monastery from the Major Monastery of Megistis Lavras found on the holy mountain of Athos.

The visit to the Monastery involves a climb on the hillside where the views compensate generously even the most difficult visitor.  This monastery has been standing up that hill for over than a thousand years has received recently some major renovations works and its been now the new monastic base to 2 monks leaving up there for their rest of their lives. The church itself is dated back to the 16th century with well preserved the monks olive press and the storage spaces of the monastery.

After that, we return back to the boat for a refreshing swim, a delicious vegetarian lunch (finger food) and a glass of cold wine + refreshments for the kids.

On our return trip, heading back to Skopelos we shall take the final swim stop by the bay of Peristera, a marine park island situated just opposite the island of Alonissos and the bay of Steni Vala.

An island of 14,2 sqkm only where according to the most recent population census there are only 5 may be 3 now inhabitants. A shipwreck from the classic era (4th century B.C.) was recently discovered close to the south-west end of the island Spasmeni and at a depth of about 25 metres; this ship was carrying a load of about 3,000 pointed-bottom amphoras.

Throughout the day our captain Pakis, a master teller of stories and Greek myths, will make sure your day is filled up with interesting historical and mythological information.

The cruise starts at 09:00 am from Skopelos Chora main port and returns around 18:30 in the evening.

The cost includes your finger food lunch and your drinks at the time of serving the lunch, house white wine & refreshments.

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