About Kayaking Skopelos

We offer sea kayaking tours exploring the beautiful island of Skopelos!
Our tours and coaching courses are suitable for all ages and abilities, it's a great fun way to explore! Join us for day trips, sunset tours, holidays, expeditions and coaching.

Kayaking Greece

Kayaking Greece offer sea kayaking tours exploring Skopelos island

Kayaking Greece is based on the beautiful, peaceful Greek island of Skopelos (famous as the location of the film Mamma Mia)

We offer a wide range of sea kayaking activities to suit all levels of age and ability.

From sunset trips lasting just a few hours to week long explorations of the surrounding islands and training courses. At Kayaking Greece we have many ways for you to discover the hidden treasures of the magical island of Skopelos.

Join Kayaking Greece exploring Skopelos and you can expect to visit deserted beaches, rugged cliffs, sea caves and uninhabited islands on our various trips, usually stopping for a relaxing picnic and some snorkeling.

We sometimes spot local marine life including Dolphins, Monk Seals, Tuna and Turtles in the emerald green waters of the coast and in the deep blue skies above Falcons, Buzzards, Bee-Eaters, Egrets, Hoopoes and Golden Oriels can often be seen.

At Kayaking Greece our staff are fully trained coaches and guides. We are here to help you learn or improve your kayaking skills and ensure your safety.

You will find our sit inside sea kayaks are stable and easy to paddle for all ages. We also have single or double seat versions so everyone can experience and discover the secret delights of this most beautiful island in the Aegean Sea.

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