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Make your dreams come true. Rent a boat. Grab the steering wheel and lead your friends and yourself to unique exploration experiences all around our island.

Services with 100% satisfied customers

Take your summer vacation to the next level … make it unique.

So, rent a speedboat if you have a license … but even if you don’t, we provide you with the skipper. All you do is choose the destination.
On the other hand, if you don’t have a license but still wish to live the experience, are the small boats we have are the perfect choice for you.
“Blue Wave” will offer you a complimentary boat handling lesson. After the end of the lesson, you will be ready to set off on your journey.
Search and discover the small, beautiful hidden beaches that are only accessible by boat.
Opt for a busy beach or relax in a calm and secluded one where you can be completely alone.
Sail around the island.

Spot the beaches “Megalo Pefko”, “Ftelia”, “Ekatonpenintari” and “Vathias” on the map and start from there.
“Amarantos” is another amazing destination to consider.
On the opposite side of the island, just after Loutraki (port) you will find “Perivoliou”, “Chondrogiorgi”, “Spilia (Cave)”, “Ai Giannis” (the famous small church built on top of the rock, where scenes from the movie “Mamma Mia”
were shot).
Book a day trip to the nearby islands: Skiathos (Tsougria,
Koukounaries, Banana, Lalaria) or Alonissos (Blue cave, Golden sand,
Steni Vala, Agios Dimitrios, Navagio-Shipwreck).
You will definitely enjoy it.
“Blue Wave” and its experienced staff, ensures and guarantees you comfortable and safe travels. That is because all our boats comply with the necessary standards and bear the required equipment.
We promise you the perfect sea experience and unforgettable moments.

Rent now your boat!

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